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Surrender Questionnaire

Please be advised that the shelter is currently at maximum capacity with adult cats.
In order to be placed on the waiting list, your cat MUST be up to date on its rabies
vaccination, be spayed/neutered and you must be able to provide the name and phone number of your vet.
There is a surrender fee of at minimum $50.00 per cat.
If you and your cat meet these requirements, please continue to fill out the form down below.
You will receive an email when we have space to take in your cat.

Thank you for trusting VHS for finding a new home for your feline.
We have been a trusted shelter serving Massachusetts for 35 years and counting!
VHS is a free-roaming shelter, which means that we do not cage the felines in our care!
They felines in our care roam together in large rooms, kittens separated from adults.
All surrenders are done by appointment only, usually during the evenings or on weekends.
In order to place your cat into the appropriate home, we will need you to fill out the following questionnaire, and submit it to us.
If you have multiple animals, you will need to fill out one form per animal.
This does not apply to litters of kittens.

Feline Profile Form

First Name: Last Name:
Phone Number: Email:
Cat's Name:
Breed/Breed Mix:
Sex? Male: Female:
Spayed/Neutered? Yes: No:
Is your cat declawed? Yes: No:
Up to date on vaccinations? Yes: No:
Where did you acquire your cat?
Is your cat micro-chipped? Yes: No:
Is your cat litter box trained? Yes: No:
Does your cat spray? Yes: No:
Does your cat have accidents? Yes: No:
Does your cat have any naughty behaviors?
Is your cat? Indoors: Outdoors: Both:
Has your cat lived with? Cats: Dogs: Kids:
How does your cat behave around the above?
What does your cat do when a stranger comes close and pets or picks up the cat?
Does anything cause your cat to growl, hiss, swat, scratch, or bite?
What is the name of your Veterinary Hospital:
and phone number:
I, , give permission to the Volunteer Humane Society to procure copies of all my pet's records from the above listed veterinary hospitals.
Does your any medical issues?
Why are you surrendering your pet?
Any additional comments?

If any question has been left unanswered, we will not be able to process your surrender request.
So please be sure that you have answered all questions.